Episode 97: Squareways?

It’s Monday, and there’s only 4 episodes left of this here program. I’m getting a little misty.

In minute 97, Willy Wonka finishes explaining what a Wonakvator is. He points out that there are a whole lot of buttons, and that each button has a purpose. Wonka has pushed all of the buttons except one, and he is going to let Charlie have the honors. That button starts the Wonkavator shaking and churning, and causes Charlie to look like he’s going to be sick. The Wonkavator begins to ascend, which is somewhat worrisome. David and Jason use this episode as a springboard for discussion of the history of elevators, and take a look at the Wonkavator’s altimeter…which they have a lot of questions about. Also, David throws some minor shade at Elon Musk.

See you back here on Wednesday.

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