Episode 43: Fish Faces and Badgers

Happy Memorial Day to our US listeners!

It’s a new week, and with us, we have a guest! Heidi Bennett joins us to discuss minute 43. In this minute, Grandpa Joe gets a small moment for Jack Albertson to flex his dramatic acting muscles…while still wearing a terribly dirty night shirt. We learn that Mike Teevee has a friend named Fish Face. Also, David continues to think the worst of Grandpa Joe. We also have a conversation about how some of the kids “flaws” are exacerbated by their parents. Also, Jason compares the scene in this minute to public executions.

Thanks to Heidi for joining us! You can find her in the following places around the internet:

Her website
Cabin Minute Cast – A Movies by Minute podcast breaking down Cabin in the Woods
Spinal Tap Minute – A Movies by Minute podcast celebrating This Is Spinal Tap

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