Episode 44: Charlie’s Geocities Page

It’s time for your middle of the week sweet treat!

Heidi Bennett is back with us, and is champing (or chomping) at the bit to discuss minute 44. In this minute, we discuss Violet and her chewing gum. Veruca has very strict designs on what she wants out of the next few minutes, and her father grudgingly obliges. We find out that Heidi and David have similar experiences in a past life. We also discuss the way that the media covering this event sees Grandpa Joe and Charlie. We also go down a rabbit hole of what the Golden Ticket winners would be like in the social media age.

Thanks to Heidi for joining us for another great discussion! You can find her in the following places around the internet:

Her website
Cabin Minute Cast – A Movies by Minute podcast breaking down Cabin in the Woods
Spinal Tap Minute – A Movies by Minute podcast celebrating This Is Spinal Tap

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