Episode 57: Chocolate Covered Steak

It’s Friday!!!

Todd is with us for one last episode, as we discuss minute 57. We’ve wrapped up the joy of “Pure Imagination”, and now we turn our sights to the Chocolate Room. Specifically, the centerpiece of the room the chocolate river and waterfall. Todd has questions about the buttercup, and the sound design of the bite. Mr. Salt and Mrs. Gloop have a weird reaction to the river running through the Chocolate Room. Mr. Salt seems pretty impressed with the fact that Wonka confides in him. We discuss the recording of the dialogue in this scene, which leads to a discussion about the the possibility of another filmed remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We end the episode discussing the Oompa Loompas and comparing the version in this film to Tim Burton’s version.

Thanks to Todd for being with us one final time. You can find Todd on Minute of the Apes and The Other Kind Radio. Also, you can find his book, The Risen, at this link.

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