Episode 56: The Chaos and the Calm

Welcome to your mid week sweet treat!

Jason and David are back with Todd Hartsell, to discuss the goings on in Minute 56. We’re wrapping up “Pure Imagination”, and this minute features one of our favorite shots in the entire film. We talk about the sweeping camera motion that follows Gene Wilder as he sings “If you want to view paradise…” We talk about the techniques that were possibly used to capture that shot, which includes a brief chat about when Steadicam technology came to prominence. Todd reflects on the color palette used in this scene. We also talk about how well Mel Stuart places actors in the background of shots to keep the world alive even while the focus is on Willy Wonka.

Thanks to Todd for being with us again. You can find Todd on Minute of the Apes. Also, you can find his book, The Risen, at this link.

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